31 Jan

The Chamber of Park Mila

Based Story that Created by Dierenz with the Same Title on Rumah Labu’s Blog

Author: brsj63 / mybabyLiOnew / myondubu (drabble version: Dierenz)

Main Cast(s): Lee Jin Ki, Park Mi La (OC)

Other Cast(s): Other SHINee’s Member, Park Mi La’s Eomma and Appa, Park Jae In (OC), Choi Hye Neul (OC), Jeong Seul Ah (OC)

Length: Twoshot (2.588 words)

Rating: General/PG-13 (?)

Genre: Romance, Friendship, Family

Credit Song: Your Name and Hello by SHINee

Credit Poster: @Atinn_ eonni

Credit Picture(s): google, we love ulzzang

Disclaimer: SHINee’s members belongs to God, himself, their family, and their agency. Original characters belongs to me and my friends/themselves. Plot story and all casts’ character which I wrote belonging to me and Dierenz eonni. Don’t take this fanfiction out without my permission and without put my name and Dierenz eonni as authors!

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